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Considering Repeating the Texas Bar Exam? Odds are in Your Favor.

Failing the bar exam can be a humbling experience.  But, it’s not indicative of your eventual success in the legal field.  Plenty of notable people failed their bar exams, including:  Former First Lady Michelle Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,  Senator Kamala Harris, Mayors of major metropolitan cities (including, Richard Daly of Chicago, Ed Koch of New York and Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles), Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, and Governor Pete Wilson.  Some of these public figures never passed the bar despite repeated efforts, some took the bar several times before finally passing, or abandoned the bar altogether after failing on the first attempt.

A study of the Texas bar exam revealed that it is worth your time to retake the Texas bar.  Most, but not all, repeat takers pass the Texas bar exam on their second try.  In 2006, a report from a study commissioned by the Texas Board of Law Examiners revealed that about 79% of bar takers pass the Texas bar exam on their first attempt and about 92% pass after taking the exam as many as four times.  Many bar repeaters gained more than a 35-point increase in their total scores between their attempts.  “Persistence was rewarded in that about half of those who took the exam as many as three or four times eventually passed,” the report noted.  Overall, the study’s findings revealed, “Texas applicants who do not pass on their first attempt should be strongly encouraged to study for and take the exam again.”  Therefore, if you failed the bar, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to try again as the odds for a passing score are in your favor!

An earlier study of the Texas bar exam revealed the best way to ensure success on the exam is to study using hard copy materials (rather than electronic materials or Internet-based programs) and engage in discussions about the material with bar instructors.  Southwest Bar Review’s program uses these optimal methods to offer themaximum level of preparedness.  In fact, Southwest Bar Review goes even further to give our students the best possible advantage by offering individualized attention to each student.  Repeat takers benefit greatly from our exclusive approach.  Our expert attorneys work one-on-one with repeat takers, perform a systematic analysis of prior bar performance, and design an customized bar prep plan that ensures maximum performance for a successful Texas bar exam.  Use the findings of these studies to maximize your chances on the next Texas bar exam by reserving your spot in the most advantageous study program, retaking the test, and securing your passing score.

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