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Campus Reps

The Southwest Bar Review Campus Rep Program.


Welcome to the most comprehensive bar exam prep course for the UBE Texas bar exam

Interested in promoting Southwest Bar Review on your campus?

Sign up as a Campus Rep and represent the most innovative bar exam course in Texas!


Basically, all you are expected to do is facilitate Southwest Bar Review’s presence on your campus. What does that mean? You hang some posters, put flyers in student mailboxes, and talk to your friends and classmates! When your classmates and friends sign up for Southwest Bar Review, you get credit for the sale. That’s it! The more courses you sell, the greater the reward.  Just ten sales gets you an entire bar exam program for free!


After you have applied to serve as a rep on your campus, you will receive an e-mail from the Director of Sales & Marketing, approving your application. The e-mail will include a username and password that takes you to a protected part of the SBR site dedicated exclusively to Campus Reps. This exclusive Campus Rep site will also provide you with an area where you can view available promotional materials, view your individual promotion codes, and access detailed, updated information available 24/7 regarding your sales figures.


In addition to earning the endless gratitude of your classmates, you will receive a host of benefits to reward you for all of your hard work (and entice you into doing more).
Rewards include:
• Free SBR materials
• Earn free bar prep sessions with expert attorney instructors (Refer & Save)
• Bonus incentives and contests to reward your extra effort!

Marketing Support:

Honestly? You won’t need much. As long as you can get the word out, It’s an easy sell. But because Southwest Bar Review understands that your first priority is finishing law school, we will help you out with your marketing campaigns. At your request, the SBR team will provide you with a suggested sales campaign designed exclusively around your law school’s academic calendar. SBR will also help you determine what the best marketing method will be on your campus and will provide you with marketing materials. These materials might include: posters, flyers, e-mail templates, etc.


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Campus Reps January 13, 2012