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About Southwest Bar Review:

Southwest Bar Review is a One-On-One fully comprehensive UBE Texas Bar Exam tutorial program.  Our unique course is designed specifically and exclusively for applicants sitting for the UBE Texas Bar examination.  Our personalized program offers candidates a focused, individually tailored study plan designed to maximize efficiency and provide proprietary methods for producing optimal exam results.  The exclusive practice intensive methodologies utilized in the Southwest Bar Review program ensure that candidates are properly versed in the necessary substantive law as well as the specific mechanics essential to achieving passing results. SBR understands that different students have different learning styles.  Each candidate’s private One-On-One UBE tutor focuses on them and guides them through a practice intensive, custom-tailored review course crafted individually to satisfy the specific substantive and strategic challenges of that candidate.  All Southwest Bar Review UBE tutors are highly qualified Texas attorneys with extensive experience in bar exam preparation.

Southwest Bar Review is One-On-One and only One-On-One.

One Tutor, One Student, No Exceptions™.

Our proven Enhancer Methods™ are exclusive, time-tested technologies that help our candidates master the mechanics of the bar exam and develop the special skills necessary to achieve passing results on the UBE Texas Bar Exam.

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